[Update] Hack and slash your way through Iesabel solo on iOS, or enlist up to 7 friends to help

Updated with Android release information

[Update] Hack and slash your way through Iesabel solo on iOS, or enlist up to 7 friends to help
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Updated at 10:19pm - Forever Entertainment emailed to let us know that it's already submitted a fix to Apple for the yellow hue bug which should be approved within a few hours. Additionally, we've been told that the Android version of Iesabel should be released on July 9 or July 10. The original story follows.

mentioned What would you expect to pay for a cross-platform, Diablo-like action RPG that features 3D graphics, promises monthly updates, and swears to avoid in-app purchases?

If you answered $1.99 / £1.49, then Iesabel might just be the game that you're looking for.

Featuring dungeon crawling carnage through swamps, villages, snowy wastelands, and - you guessed it - dungeons, Iesabel aims to deliver a familiar mix of action RPG mechanics for both ranged and melee characters.

Better still, it also offers a single-player storyline and an 8-player, cross-platform cooperative multiplayer mode.

Iesabel, with an "i"

Forever Entertainment is quick to note that Iesabel doesn't feature in-app purchases of any kind and that players will be able to enjoy slashing their way through dungeons without having to stop and spend cash on potions or pay to reset their cooldown timers.

As promising as this all sounds, however, you might notice that there's something a bit off-colour about Iesabel. Namely, that its colour's a bit off.

The developer took the Touch Arcade Forums to address a bug in the iOS release that makes everything appear in different shades of yellow. There's already a fix in progress, but in the mean time you can switch the graphics to "mid-quality" to sidestep the glitch.

An Android release of Iesabel is planned, but we don't have an exact date on when it will arrive on Google Play. We'll keep you updated when we know more.

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