Magnetic Billiards dev creating I Sent My Monkey To The Moon as 'game in its own right'

Originally a prototype inside Magnetic Billiards

Magnetic Billiards dev creating I Sent My Monkey To The Moon as 'game in its own right'

Zee-3's Gold Award-winning iOS puzzler Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint houses a unique prototype feature, which lets anyone who's purchased the game's 'skeleton key' DLC check out new content and game mechanics during their development stages.

Earlier this month, the Pickford brothers added an all-new playable prototype to the mix called I Sent My Monkey To The Moon. Response to the prototype has been "fantastic", so the brothers are hopeful of turning it into a standalone title.

The Zub-inspired endless-jumper prototype charges you with taking on the role of a monkey, avoiding death-bringing turrets, and jumping to ever-increasing heights in pursuit of a high score.

As you can see from the video below this article, you can dictate the direction, angle, and speed at which you jump between platforms by dragging your finger across the bottom of your device's screen. You're awarded points based on the height and distance of your jump, as well as the softness of your landing.

Keep moving

You can easily avoid turrets, which appear more frequently the higher you climb, by simply moving between platforms without stopping for a prolonged time - at least during the early stages of the game. If you do get hit, you can recoup a little of your lost health by taking a wild ride on one of the game's many grind rails.

John Pickford has said that he and his brother have a "lot of ideas for the game", which will be discussed in future blog entries.

We'll keep you updated.

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