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Don't lose your way in non-Euclidean roguelike HyperRogue

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Don't lose your way in non-Euclidean roguelike HyperRogue
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HyperRogue adds a space-bending twist to the strategic roguelike formula, available on iOS and Android.

HyperRogue's world is one of non-Euclidean space that extended infinitely into myriad different biomes and subregions. Travel in a straight line along the central crossroads, and you'll loop around to your starting position, but start exploring and the world will unfurl into new places and paths.

The game's 40 regions range from a mirror world that spawns helpful clones of your character to a mined landscape that requires you to use Minesweeper tactics to cross safely. Other regions feature living caves that change as you travel, sprawling oceans, and deserts where deathless sand worms roam, among many others Combat in HyperRogue revolves around positioning, and is more akin to chess or puzzle than your typical roguelike. One hit kills you and your enemies, and you can't move into a fatal position, so survival becomes a game of smart movement.

HyperRogue is available for £2.29 / $2.99 on iPad and iPhone. The Google Play store contains both a paid and free version, and you can also find HyperRogue on Steam.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
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