Hyperburner - All this and looks too
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You know that bit in every sci-if action movie when the plucky pilot darts through a series of increasingly small gaps in a daring and audacious escape?

Well Hyperburner is essentially that - the game. You're flying through a series of tight, gorgeous looking futuristic tubes, dodging everything solid in a twitchy dash to the finish line.

And, quite frankly, it's utterly brilliant. From the amazing aesthetic to the perfect controls, everything about the game hums with the sort of quality that makes every second you spend with the game a joy.

Who needs corners?

After a brief introduction to the controls - move your finger around the screen to steer - you're dropped into a series of ever more difficult levels.

Sometimes you're dodging asteroids in a mining facility, sometimes you're weaving through traffic on a deep space highway, and sometimes you're deep in what looks like a neon representation of the Internet.

To begin with you're avoiding stationary bits of scenery, but before long you're trying to thread a path through spinning turbines, shifting rocks, and crashing machinery.

Luckily the controls you're given are more than up to the task. They're precise without being fiddly, and react in a way that most touchscreen schemes just can't match. You feel like the ship is an extension of your finger, and it makes the whole thing a dream.

Some of the successions of obstacles are breathtaking, and when you manage to slip through them unscathed you can't help but feel like the star of your very own, albeit brief, science fiction film.

We don't need roads

Couple that with one of the best looks we've seen on iOS this year, and what you're left with is an experience that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go.

And to be honest you won't want it to, because you'll be having so much fun while it throttles you that the lack of oxygen getting to your brain simply won't matter.

Strained metaphors aside, this is part endless runner, part Wipeout, all wrapped up in a modern mobile package the likes of which it's rare to find on the App Store.

Do yourself a favour and get this downloaded this instant.

Hyperburner - All this and looks too

A fast-paced, gorgeous endless space-racer that showcases everything that's good about mobile gaming