Huntdown, the slick retro-styled platformer, is heading for iOS and Android this year

No release date just yet, however

Huntdown, the slick retro-styled platformer, is heading for iOS and Android this year
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Since its initial release on consoles back in 2020, Huntdown has been well-received by critics, holding a strong Metacritic score of 86. Today, the developers are now announcing that their retro-inspired action-platformer will also be heading for iOS and Android later this year.

If you're a fan of a 16-bit aesthetic – and in particular neon-soaked cityscapes – you'll love the look of Huntdown which features hand-painted pixel art and hand-drawn animations. It also boasts an excellent 80s soundtrack that includes darkwave, industrial synth, hard rock and electro to ensure it looks and sounds the part.

There are 20 different levels for you to blast your way through, with the developers promising 60-FPS gameplay meaning everything will hopefully feel as responsive as possible. There will be an array of weapons at your disposal to defeat your foes that include machine guns, laser weapons, katanas and grenades among plenty of others.

Aside from having a potent arsenal to make use of, you'll have to run and jump to reach different ledges, whilst taking cover to avoid the inevitable hail of enemy bullets that will be searching for your head.

The story itself sees you playing as a bounty hunter, who is hired to lay waste to the criminal underworld, all in the name of making some cash. Of course, this is a cyberpunk city so crime is incredibly rife, making bounty hunting a pretty lucrative career choice. 

Huntdown is set to release on the App Store and Google Play at some point in 2021. There's no word on the pricing model just yet but we'll be sure to let you know when we learn more.

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