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Huntdown, the 80s inspired side-scrolling shooter, is available now for iOS and Android

Huntdown, the 80s inspired side-scrolling shooter, is available now for iOS and Android
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Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger have released their acclaimed retro-inspired shooter, Huntdown, for iOS and Android. The game had previously released on PC and console, where it has been extremely well-received, holding a strong Metacritic score of 82 and above, depending on the platform.

Despite the tremendous success the game has received since it launched last year, it was initially going to be a mobile game. Now it's returned to its original platform, and those interested in giving it a try can play through the demo first before having to spend any money on the full version.

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If you've missed our previous coverage on Huntdown, it is a side-scrolling shooter where you play as one of three bounty hunters who get paid to keep order in a crime-filled, cyberpunk world. There are twenty levels to battle your way through, each promising a zany boss to overcome.

The game draws heavy influence from the 80s with references to various movie characters aplenty. It also boasts an electro-synth soundtrack to match its cyberpunk aesthetic. You can check out some gameplay in the embedded video above.

Discussing the release of the game, Tommy Gustafsson, Co-Founder and Director of Easy Trigger, said: “It’s amazing to watch Huntdown’s development come full-circle, as we’d always planned for it to be a mobile game from the offset. We’re so glad to be able to bring it home after such a positive reception, and give people the chance to pick up and play wherever they go.”

Huntdown is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. The game has a demo allowing you to try before you buy with the full unlock costing $8.99.

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