Hungry Shark franchise amasses over a billion downloads, making it Ubisoft's most downloaded mobile game

Hungry Shark franchise amasses over a billion downloads, making it Ubisoft's most downloaded mobile game

Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark franchise has been around for quite some time now. The franchise has a bunch of games playable on desktop and mobile, including one VR game. It is based on the simple concept of sharks in a feeding frenzy across the world’s oceans.

I don’t know about the sharks but the people were definitely hungry for more because the Hungry Shark franchise has hit the humongous milestone of over one billion downloads on mobile. This massive feat makes it Ubisoft’s most downloaded mobile game series to date.

It all began in 2009 when Ubisoft Future Games of London came up with the idea of sharks going bonkers. With a tiny team of only seven individuals, the first Hungry Shark was released in 2010. Its success led to the release of two more sequels to create a trilogy before Hungry Shark Evolution came in 2012.

When a shift to the freemium model was introduced, the series garnered even more love as the player base massively expanded. Hungry Shark Evolution has entered its tenth year now and has been downloaded over 630,000 times. Ubisoft purchased the franchise in 2013 and proceeded to launch Hungry Shark World in 2016.

Speaking of this achievement, Ian Harper, Managing Director of Ubisoft Future Games of London, said: “We’re really proud to reach this incredible milestone and I’d like to thank the teams involved for their hard work as we look ahead to some exciting announcements in early 2023 on the future direction of the studio and to share more on Hungry Shark brand.”

Six years later, Hungry Shark World is still hosting events. On November 8th, they had a Baby Sharks Event, where players had to rescue baby sharks in an effort to preserve the future of the ocean’s ecosystems. A team up with Glowing Glowing Gone was also established to ensure the campaign reaches even greater heights.

Go on your own feeding adventure by downloading Hungry Shark World now for free.

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