How to unlock the Megalodon in Hungry Shark World

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How to unlock the Megalodon in Hungry Shark World
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Did you know that Hungry Shark World has a secret shark to unlock?

It's true: the massive great Megalodon (don't worry, this titanic beast is extinct in real life) is available in the game, even if he doesn't show up in the list of sharks straight away.

To get it, you need to first work your way up through the other shark tiers. By grabbing a high score while playing the game you'll fill up the upgrade bar for that current tier of shark, and eventually unlock bigger and better sharks.

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You start out with extra small sharks, but will eventually work your way up through medium, large, and even extra, extra large sharks as you finish off those upgrade bars.

You can see all the tiers and sharks in the game in our guide.

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When you get to the extra, extra large sharks (such as the Great White), you'll have one more progress bar to finish off. It will take a huge score and a great amount of time to fill it, but when you do you'll get that final tier.

It's simply called "!!" and contains one shark: the Megalodon.

This thing costs 400,000 coins and, when its stats are maxed out, the Megalodon has 399 speed, 500 bite, and 399 boost. Plus, you also get the baby Megalodon pet which can be equipped in other sharks.

This monster fish can eat almost anything in the sea, including small mines, jellyfish, and other Megalodons. And you'll get higher scores than you've ever seen before.
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