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Hotel Empire Tycoon tips and cheats

Hotel Empire Tycoon tips and cheats

Imagine running a hotel. Seems like a complex business? That's why we made you these six Hotel Empire Tycoon tips

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If you want to progress at a steady rate and beautify every single hotel room, then let's not waste another second and check out all the best Hotel Empire Tycoon tips to get your very own hotel up and running!

Simulators and management games could get boring after a while, especially if the progress is not going as smoothly as you might expect. That's not the case with Hotel Empire Tycoon though, which is one such management game where you're tasked to expand a hotel and make it successful.

You've got all kinds of tasks depending on you, from staff members and their daily wages to buying enough supplies and upgrading them in order to make the hotel successful and raise it from 1 star all the way up to 5 stars. We've played the game quite a lot and gathered a bunch of Hotel Empire Tycoon tips and cheats to help you keep track of your expenditure and help you understand how to better manage your staff.



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Tip #1 - Prepare yourself for watching tons of ads

Don't plan on spending money in Hotel Empire Tycoon? Then you better be prepared to spend a lot of time watching ads in order to progress. The game can be entirely free-to-play (f2p) and progress, but if you want some additional benefits, then you should be ready to watch quite a few ads every single day.

Now that we got that out of the way, below I've devised a list of the key features that will give you a lot of added benefits for watching ads. Check it out:

Watch an ad to get free cash from the Very Important Patron (VIP). This will help you get started and really set you on the path to success.
Watch multiple ads to charge your VIP Campaign. The VIP Campaign will double all your earnings, which is extremely useful at all times.

The list isn't too long, but these two features alone will make you watch ads for days. The VIP and VIP Campaigns are both keys towards expanding and growing the business, so it's natural that you want to keep them active, even though they'll require you to watch several advertisements.

Tip #2 - Don't hire all the staff members at once

If you want to keep your business afloat, then you better start with 1 staff member for each category:

1 or 2 staff for Front Desk
1 bartender for the Bar
1 chef for the Kitchen
1 or 2 Housekeepers

That's it.

As you expand the business, you can start getting more people at the Front Desk, then Housekeepers, then Chefs and lastly bartenders. It's really not worth hiring tons of people and then not being able to pay the daily rate. Keep it simple, they will manage it.

Tip #3 - Purchase all the furnite possible, even if you don't upgrade it right away

Just having a piece of furniture will automatically make a room a lot more appealing and more expensive to stay in. You don't have to buy the premium Gem items, just the normal cash items - the sink, the TV, the nightstands, decors, a/c unit and whatever else a room might have. Keep these pieces at level 1, and when you have enough money, start upgrading them.

What upgrades should you make first?

If you're not sure in what order you should make your upgrades, then let me give you a little tip. Tap on each furniture piece in a room and check the amount of cash in blue and in blue + green. In green, it will show you how much more the item upgrade will give you, while in blue it shows the current profits that item makes.

Consult all of them before making any upgrades, and decide which one would give you the most bang for your buck. Typically, I prefer to go for the following

Climate control
Additional Items

Nightstands don't count because you cannot upgrade them - they're a one-time-purchase.

Of course, this all depends on the level of your current items and what room you're trying to upgrade. As a rule of thumb, the main items in a room are also the most profitable. That would be the Hotel Empire Tycoon tip No.3.

Tip #4 - Do the quests whenever you can

By completing quests you will earn additional Gems, which let you purchase some premium items for the rooms. These premium items are extremely profitable, so make sure that you buy them whenever you get the chance. They won't require any upgrades, and the profits you get from them are massive.

For the quests that require you to upgrade the power generators, don't stress. Simply save up cash from the VIP (and make sure you have an additional 1k cash after the upgrade) and complete them only after.

Tip #5 - Keep track of your stats and cut your losses

On the right side of the screen you can find your Management tab. There, you can see the stats of your current location, as well as a bunch of other useful information. In the Stats tab, you want to make sure that your Daily Balance is always green. That means you will never have minus funds at the end of a day.

Below that, you'll find a list of each feature in your current location. The ones which show 'Most profitable' in orange are your best, while the 'Losses!' indicate that said feature is not bringing in as much money as it should. Don't worry about that, just focus on the rooms which bring in a profit. Make all the upgrades possible, and then move on to the next similar room and upgrade it in the same way.

Tip #6 - Advertise according to your own budget

At the start, you might be tempted to start all the advertisement types - don't do it! Stick to the cheapest one or the second cheapest, because you won't make any profits otherwise.

Overall, the best advertisements are the most expensive ones, but the mid-range one (Radio or even TV) can be quite good. Don't go for the Social Media advertisement until you can afford it or have a daily profit margin of over 1500-2000. We hope that these Hotel Empire Tycoon tips will help you out and greatly improve your gameplay!

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