Dark Meadow dev working on action-adventure title Horn for iOS

Free-roam nine stages

Dark Meadow dev working on action-adventure title Horn for iOS
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The studio behind last year's horror-filled Dark Meadow, Phosphor Games, has unveiled a new title called Horn, which it's developing for both the iPhone and the iPad.

In Horn, you take control of a young blacksmith's apprentice called, well, Horn, who sets off on an adventure to find out why the rest of his village's occupants have transformed into monsters.

You explore this third-person action-adventure's nine stages by tapping on your device's screen in order to issue Horn with a move command, while using other gestural controls to make him shimmy across ledges and pull off a selection of other moves.

When you it comes to battles, the game's camera automatically locks onto a single opponent, allowing you to circle them, dodge their attacks, and launch counter-blows in a Zelda-like manner.

You'll be the first to know if we find out any more details. In the meantime, however, check out the screenshots in our gallery above.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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