[Update] Gumdrop survival shooter Hopeless: The Dark Cave coming to iOS on Friday

Hopeless, it's all hopeless

[Update] Gumdrop survival shooter Hopeless: The Dark Cave coming to iOS on Friday
Update: We've heard back from the dev and have confirmed that Hopeless: The Dark Cave will retain its free-to-play pricing structure on iOS.

Back in December, we came across an oddball indie shooter for Android called Hopeless: The Dark Cave and we promised to keep you updated on its iOS release.

Being Pocket Gamers of our word, I'm here to tell you that Hopeless will arrive on the App Store this Friday, January 24 for iPhone and iPad.

In the month since its release, Hopeless picked up over 100,000 downloads over on Google Play and it currently enjoys a 4-star rating based on some 9,000 reviews.

Clearly, it's done a few things right.

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Top among these is the mashing-up the survival horror gameplay with cute, cartoony graphics.

In Hopeless: The Dark Cave, you take control of a band of glowing - and armed - gumdrop blobs who are huddled together in a bid to survive the predations of toothsome monsters intent on gobbling up the gumdrops guns and all.

Waves of these monsters rush at your survivors, and it's your job as the player to quickly distinguish friend from foe as your shoot down the monsters while allowing friends to pass.

It's a great mixture of tension and adorable character art, and thankfully it'll be on iOS before the week’s up.

We've contacted the developer to see if Hopeless: The Dark Cave will remain free-to-play when it lands on the App Store and we'll update this story when we hear back.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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