Gun down gumdrops in the adorable Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Stay frosty

Gun down gumdrops in the adorable Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Survival horror is a difficult genre to make cute, but it's never been more adorable than it is in Hopeless: The Dark Cave.

Available now on Google Play with plans to come to the App Store soon, Hopeless: The Dark Cave puts you in charge of a group of glowing blobs huddled together for safety in the dark.

Painfully aware that their glowing blob-ness makes them a tempting target to looming monsters, the strung out blobs ready their weapons, calm their nerves, and wait.

And wait.

Suddenly, shadows start moving in this tense atmosphere, and it's your job to decide whether they're monsters to be killed or fellow blobs to be saved.

Abandon all hope

Twee graphcs aside, Hopeless: The Dark Cave is an intriguing little diversion of a game that tests your reflexes as you gun for a high score.

As AndroidPolice reports, you'll eventually be overwhelmed by the monsters, but dying's all part of the fun and the pathos of the game over screen should harden your resolve to give Hopeless: The Dark Cave one more go.

And doing so won't cost you anything as Hopeless is free-to-play with some pleasantly unobtrusive IAPs.

We'll keep you updated when Hopeless: The Dark Cave makes its way to the App Store, but if you're an Android-owning Pocket Gamer you can download it now by clicking the button below.

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