Hollywood Hospital taking iPhone patients for free over the weekend

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Hollywood Hospital taking iPhone patients for free over the weekend
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For places normally associated with death and illness, there’s an awful lot of comedy based in the extremely serious world of hospital care.

From TV shows like Scrubs and Green Wing to games like Theme Hospital, the high price for failure somehow creates a hotbed for darkly comic action.

Well now there’s no risk of that price being too high, for iPhone users at least, because comedy time-management game Hollywood Hospital will be available for free this weekend only.

Hollywood Hospital is a mixture of Diner Dash styled gameplay and Theme Hospital style humour, with patients having been infected by viruses that have turned them into representations of famous Hollywood icons like the pun-tastic ‘Rambone’.

There are over 35 levels of managing time to play through, upgrades to purchase, and OpenFeint integration for connection to the wider gaming community.

You can follow this link for direct access to the UK App Store entry.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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