Hollywood Hospital comes to mobile

It makes ER look like an NHS ward

Hollywood Hospital comes to mobile
| Hollywood Hospital

Once upon a time, hospitals were fun places filled with busty nurses, sexually frustrated matrons, and guffawing old leches. At least, that's what we assume, if those Carry On films are the gritty documentaries we think they are.

Nowadays, the average British hospital is a bit, well, miserable. Thankfully, that's not the case for Hollywood Hospital, the subject of Player X's upcoming strategy game. It's stuffed with celebs, each with their own crazy illness, and you're in charge of the whole operation. (Sorry.)

Your job is to earn 'vibes' by keeping your staff happy, and ensuring a rapid turnover of patients (note: this means they have to be cured, not left or 'helped' to die).

You'll be hiring and training staff, from receptionists and maintenance men to security guards and, of course, doctors, nurses and surgeons. And if they're getting a bit down, it's also your job to set them up with each other, in the hope that a hot date will restore their good demeanour.

It sounds like a cross between Scrubs and Diner Dash, which is fine by us. We'll be taking a detailed look at Hollywood Hospital before its release, so click 'Track It!' to stay informed.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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