Hitman Sniper: The Shadows - PvP tips, cheats, hints

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows - PvP tips, cheats, hints

Sniper Duels at Exotic Locations

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Hitman Sniper: The Shadows is the newest mobile version of the longtime stealthy, sandbox action game but this time, without Agent 47, the iconic protagonist from the series. Instead, the focus is on a group of skilled snipers called "The Shadows".

Each of the Shadows all come from different backgrounds but their goals are the same; to take any target to fulfil contracts. They live up to their name, taking out their foes creatively and then disappearing through the fog never to be seen again. 

So as the title implies, the game is all about sniping. It plays just like most Hitman games as you go for specific targets but here, you snipe them down from afar. You'll also need to typically eliminate any bodyguards as well, adding to the overall fun of the experience. 

There's a Hitman Sniper campaign mode you can take part in but there's also some PvP (player versus player) action too if you're looking for some red hot competition. The game usually matches you with someone of a similar skill level and the goal is simple in that you need to take out as many targets/bodyguards as you can within a certain time limit. Not only just kills but creativity adds to your overall score as well. Here are some tips to keep in mind when battling it out for sniper assassin supremacy. 

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Tip#1 - Take Advantage of Instinct

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Instinct is a signature feature in all of the Hitman games. It helps you identify your targets by highlighting them in red. Usually, in most of the games, you just need to use it once or twice throughout a contract just to give yourself a little reminder.

In Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, however, Instinct truly is your friend. Sniping from afar can be a bit trickier than freely running around a map and getting up close and personal with your targets. Here, you need to make especially sure you don't hit any non-targets.

Many times, you'll see non-targets around the targets themselves or the bodyguards who you also need to eliminate. With targets and so many bodyguards, it's possible to confuse regular people and targets so definitely use Instinct to make things easier during PvP.

Tip#2 - Use Your Special Ability

I must say right off the bat that using special abilities in Hitman Sniper: The Shadows is quite a satisfying feeling and they just look so cool. One, in particular, allows you to snipe three targets at once. Something like this for example is extremely advantageous when in PvP.

Make use of these beauties but just keep in mind that there's a catch; you can only use it one time per contract. So be sure to save it for the right time whether it's the clock ticking or you need a little boost to improve your score or any other reason.

It's one of those things that can be critical to your success during those epic online matches. If you want to experiment with different specials that you unlock, feel free to head into the campaign and get a little work in before heading into your next sniping battle.

Tip#3 - Go For Headshots

Another signature aspect of the Hitman games is how creative you can get with your kills. The same thing applies to Hitman Sniper: The Shadows as you can drop statues on targets or make them fall down a well. The game gives you some bonus points for creativity.

However, with time being of the essence in PvP, going for headshots is the next best thing. You'll get a solid boost from headshots, so consider just going for those if you feel you don't have time to go for the accidental kills.

But, by all means, definitely try for them as they can improve your score. Just know that going against your opponent and the clock, you have a bit more extra pressure. So consider popping some heads if you feel things are getting tight. Just something to keep in mind here.

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