High School Days mobile game on the way

But will it be top of the class?

High School Days mobile game on the way
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Player X has revealed details of High School Days, its upcoming game that lets you relive the happiest days of your life. Or the most wretched, depending on how your schooling went.

It's a people sim title that puts you in the shoes of a callow student, with the freedom to treat your mind and body as a temple, or eschew academic life in favour of becoming a beer-chugging shagmonster.

Player X says the game has a fully-modelled social conversation engine to make your interactions with other characters as believable as possible. There'll also be brain-training mini-games to boost your skills.

It sounds pretty big, too, with 20 locations, 30 missions, more than 30 characters, and a whopping 115 possible actions, from eating and watching TV to playing games and dancing.

Judging by the screenshots, we'd say the obvious comparison on mobile is The Sims 2, or Gameloft's Miami Nights and Las Vegas Nights.

However, the closest rival is probably Vivendi Games Mobile's Surviving High School games, which have been released in the US. Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing how High School Days plays compared to those.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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