Heroes Call update aims to rectify freemium concerns

Economy restructure on the cards

Heroes Call update aims to rectify freemium concerns
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Despite earning a Bronze Medal when the Android version of Heroes Call was reviewed by Pocket Gamer, the game received a lot of criticism due to its insistence on 'fleecing' long-haul players of their cash in order to continue to play the game without an extraordinary amount of grinding and replaying missions.

In response to this, Defiant Entertainment has announced that the upcoming patch for the title will address some of the issues experienced.

In terms of the complicated two-currency economy, Gems have been removed and everything but character purchases has been moved to a gold-based economy.

If you already had a lot of gems, you'll see those converted to Gold and, if you had enough to buy a new character, you'll get the new Shadow Assassin for free.

The time for action is now

If you don't have enough gems to nab it for free - don't worry. The Shadow Assassin and all other characters will be available as a 69p/99c or £1.49/$1.99 IAP.

Other IAPs include the ability to purchase Gold for the game to supplement the Gold you earn by progressing through Heroes Call. At present, Gold is cross-character, but there are plans to make Gold character-specific.

Alongside these changes, Defiant Entertainment has removed wait times, although item identification remains on a timer.

Ryan Sandrey
Ryan Sandrey
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