Hero Hunters is a new team-based shooter which lets you switch heroes mid-battle

And it's coming to iOS and Android next month

Hero Hunters is a new team-based shooter which lets you switch heroes mid-battle
| Hero Hunters

Today Hothead Games announced their newest title, Hero Hunters, and it's launching on iOS and Android on February 1st.

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Hero Hunters is a team-based third-person shooter where its core and coolest mechanic is the ability to switch quickly from hero to hero whenever you want. This means that whatever the action and whoever you're controlling, you'll be able to take command of any of the five heroes you've taken to battle to gain strategic advantage over your opponent.

Though you'll only have access to five at a time, there's a huge roster of 40 heroes available at launch, including:

  • Artemis - Archer Huntress.
    • Skillful and able to lay down a barrage of arrows with pinpoint accuracy.

  • Heckler - Battle Automaton.
    • Robotic soldier from the old war, who deals consistent damage through his powerful rifle.

  • Odachi - Cyber Ninja
    • His energy katana will effortlessly cleave through enemy ranks unharmed.

  • Steele - Heavy Assault.
    • Out for vengeance, Steele can dish out brutal suppressive fire in fashionable style.

  • Butter - Frontline Shielder.
    • Sturdy defender with a powerful shield, who is great at drawing fire away from his allies and team.

  • Ryker - Combat Marine.
    • Strong all around attacker, sturdy and reliable. Missile barrage special attack deals huge damage to large groups.

  • Cross - Bounty Hunter.
    • A crossbow wielding lunatic that deals deadly poison attacks. Do you want him on your side?

  • Keel - Field Architect.
    • A resourceful engineer that demolishes enemy cover and protects allies.

Aside from offering up the intense shooting action, excellent graphics, and inventive team-based gameplay, Hero Hunters has an extensive campaign mission, so far launching with seven regions and hundreds of missions.

If you're feeling more competitive you'll also be able to take on other players in real-time PvP mode, a Co-op Boss Raid mode, Gauntlet mode, Aliiances, and weekly events to keep you busy.

Pre-register on the official website, or on Google Play directly, to earn some nice launch-day rewards, including gold and a limited-edition hero.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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