Hero Hunters cheats and tips - Everything you need to unlock heroes and grind gold

You need more heroes? We've got the advice you're looking for.

Hero Hunters cheats and tips - Everything you need to unlock heroes and grind gold
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So you’re loving Hero Hunters, huh? So are we, only we wish we had a few more heroes to play with. Sound familiar? Yeah I thought so, that’s why we’ve put together the information you need in order to unlock some of the best heroes in the game.

Some have shotguns, snipers, crossbows, burst fire weaponry and more, so there’s plenty of styles to sink your teeth into.

So read on for everything you need to get unlocking heroes in Hero Hunters.

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Pick your hero

First select which hero you want to be working towards - some of them come with incredibly steep cost requirements and will take you a while to work towards, while others can be done in a few play sessions quite easily.

Many heroes cost 30 fragments to unlock, and that number might be hard to achieve, so you can imagine how difficult it’ll be to get the heroes which cost 500 fragments or more. Yikes.

Start small and work your way towards the big ones slowly, there’s no need to rush. Once you select which hero you want, there’ll be a “Find Fragments” options to let you know which missions or crates you can find fragments in.

It doesn’t always highlight their availability in the PVP or Gauntlet stores, though.

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Getting fragments from missions

This is by far the easiest way to earn fragments - some heroes will have their fragments drop on certain missions, usually in hard mode. Once these missions are unlocked, you can replay them for their rewards up to three times a day.

This means, should a hero have two or three missions where their fragments drop, it’ll be quite easy to grind them out, especially since you can quick play the missions in exchange for some stamina and a token or two.

Though if it’s an older mission, you probably wouldn’t have any trouble shooting them down anyway.

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The Gauntlet and PVP stores

These two stores use special currency earned from within their respective modes. It’s actually not hard to grind some of the currency out, so playing might be a good way to earn certain hero fragments.

The stores regularly refresh too, and you can force a refresh, meaning you can use the currency for others heroes in the future.

Fragment availability in these stores might not be highlighted on the find fragments screen, so make sure to check here before resigning yourself to buying crates.

You can keep playing the two modes to earn more currency regularly, and invest that into more fragments for a new hero.

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Ain’t that crate

Of course, an obvious way to get hero fragments is through gold crates, which you can periodically open for free. Which is nice.

But far more worthwhile are the Hero crates, which cost 300 gold to open. It’s a much steeper price, but if you want to unlock new heroes, this is the option you should go for.

Save your gold for Hero crates, don’t bother spending it on more gold crates.

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The gold grind

Ah, so now we need hero crates, only we need more gold, right? Right, and spending money is a no-go, so we’re gonna grind for it. Well, the first, and most obvious, method is playing the campaign missions.

Each mission you three star for the first time will earn you 15 gold, and that goes for hard mode too, in addition to 5 for first time completion. You will also get the option to watch an ad in exchange for an extra 5 gold after a mission.

Other than that, it’s best just to work your way through daily quests and achievements, which will earn you a fair amount of gold if you keep completing them regularly.

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