Hero Hunters cheats and tips - Essential advice for winning at PVP and Gauntlet modes

Pick up your guns, we're going hero hunting!

Hero Hunters cheats and tips - Essential advice for winning at PVP and Gauntlet modes
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Yeah, Hero Hunters is great. We haven’t yet had enough of blasting away at enemies, and when you’ve had your fill of the campaign, it’s only natural you’ll move on to the PVP and Gauntlet modes.

In Gauntlet you can get easy rewards for just a few fights, while PVP will put you up to the test against a whole bunch of enemies from all over the world, many of which will shock you with their skills.

But that’s okay, with these tips you’ll be slamming through both modes in no time at all, like a hero hunting pro!

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Element of damage

Forget the element of surprise, doing hard damage is where it’s at, and your opponents will have elemental types and abilities that you can take advantage of. Luckily for you, these will be clearly telegraphed.

Next to the health bars of enemy characters you’ll see clear arrows, either green pointing up, or red point down. If it’s green, you’ll be doing extra damage, but if it’s red either aim at someone else or swap characters.

Make sure to take advantage of elemental types whenever possible, and swap teams members if you can’t see any obvious targets.

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Essential team work

Keep in mind that for many situations, certain team members aren’t going to be as capable. Your shotgun isn’t going to reach distant snipers, for example.

That also means that, even if you have a whole bunch of capable heroes, you should still try and stick to a mixed team of long and close range heroes with useful special abilities to take advantage of.

Especially in PVP, moving between your team members to take advantage of elemental weaknesses and use special abilities can be essential to winning.

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Special abilities

Of course teams are good for more than just elemental damage, as their special abilities will be invaluable.

The sniper’s healing is excellent in a pinch, and Butter’s high damage shotgun and shield ability help draw fire away from other team members.

When in PVP you’ll have to react fast, so keep an eye on the health of your team as a whole.

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Pick at the weakest link in PVP

When in PVP, taking down one hero quickly can majorly turn the tide of battle, so try and pick off the one with the smallest health bar first.

Even if your opponent has one super strong hero that lasts to the end, if you manage to surround them with pure numbers you should be able to take the win.

You’ll likely know from your own experience which heroes are likely to be the easiest to take down, so pick at them one at a time for the victory.

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The Gauntlet grind

Ah the Gaunlet. Essentially a tiered battle mode with rewards, here you’ll be able to fight against a series of increasingly difficult AI opponents, with chests as rewards after every four or so fights.

The best tip is to know when to leave. Sure, you might be sitting pretty for now, but if you make it out of a fight and got a couple of downs, it might be time to call it quits and return to the Gauntlet another day.

If things are too tough for you, you can reset the Gauntlet for fresh challenges and rewards.

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