Hero Hunters cheats and tips - Fast ways to level up team power

Get ready to dominate in PVP with these tips to increase team power!

Hero Hunters cheats and tips - Fast ways to level up team power
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We’ve been getting deep into Hero Hunters, and although we didn’t do much hero hunting, more shooting gallery type action than any actual hunting, we think it’s great fun, and as such, have some tips for you to put together a powerful party.

You’ll need to make sure everyone is well equipped and completely upgraded if you’re going to plough through Hard mode and PVP, so these tips will be essential.

Read on and you’ll soon know absolutely everything you need to dominate in Hero Hunters!

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Fully equipped

Your hero’s power is determined by a number of different statistics, some of which you can’t really interfere with, but one of the ones you have direct control over is equipment - though it doesn’t change how you’ll do battle by much at first.

Equipment of course increases the power of any hero it’s equipped to, but more importantly, a full equipment load out can let you promote your character.

Promotions of course increase power further, so make sure to go through all of your characters and put equipment in all of their slots - there’s even an auto equip button to make it easy!

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As we mentioned, you need a full set of equipment in order to get a promotion, and even though your equipment is used up in the promotion process, it’s well worth it every time.

Your character will upgrade their stats slightly, but better than that, as you eventually make the jump from lower rank, to Bronze, Silver and higher, you’ll earn new skills at each rank.

The new abilities are different for each hero, naturally, but there’s loads to jump in to, so make sure to promote your heroes quickly.

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XP boosts and Skill Points

A quicker way to upgrade your characters is using XP boosts. You’ll get loads of these from fulfilling daily quests and achievements, and you’ll be able to level up characters quickly.

The only restraint is that you can’t raise your character’s level above your team level, meaning that beating mission mode’s single player content is a good way to get your team rank, and therefore your whole team’s level, much higher.

Skill Points can be used in conjunction with cash to upgrade those individual character skills we mentioned. The skill level can’t be higher than the hero’s level, but it’s usually cheap and a good idea to upgrade it whenever possible.

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Big chests

Of course you’ll need a constant supply of gear and hero fragments in order to upgrade your team and get new members, and naturally, chests will be one of the best ways to do this.

At regular intervals throughout the day you’ll be able to get chests for free. Gold crates will be available a couple of times a day, while the more limited Silver crates will be available once every ten minutes. Make sure to keep opening them for all of the gear you need.

Hero crates are much better though, and require 300 Gold to open. Luckily 300 isn’t too steep, you can quite easily get that much if you watch a couple of ads (gulp) and make sure to clear the daily quests and achievements.

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Hard mode

Mission mode’s single player is one of the better parts of Hero Hunters, loads of fun shooting gallery levels to play through (120, in fact) and you’ll get loads of gear and even hero fragments if you play through it in Hard mode.

You’ll unlock hard mode in the second load of missions, and you can restart the whole story in the harder difficulty.

Luckily hard mode isn’t actually that hard if you’ve been working hard to upgrade your team, and you can quickly earn loads more gear and hero fragments this way.

If you make sure to keep clearing levels in both normal and hard, equipping gear, grabbing chests and levelling up skills and promoting characters when possible, online players won’t be able to stand against your team.

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