Harry Potter: Wizards Unite available now for iOS and Android (Updated)

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite available now for iOS and Android (Updated)
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We've just been through E3, a special time of year where the biggest companies talk about their biggest IPs and the distant release dates for many of them. So, that makes it extremely strange to be back to the world of mobile games where massive titles like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can be dropped with a handful of days notice.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be releasing for both iOS and Android platforms on Friday the 21st of June, Niantic and Warner Bros have confirmed. Currently the only regions detailed are the US and UK, with more to follow shortly.

The news comes as a trailer was released earlier this week, although the regions (and even the release date) have not been confirmed by the game's official website: harrypotterwizardsuntie.com.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic's next big outing. The company, who are best known for their work on Pokemon Go and Ingress, have been working with Portkey Games to bring the Wizarding World to their AR technology.

Gameplay revolves around players travelling the real world and discovering confoundables which, once defeated, remove visible elements of the wizarding world from the sight of muggles. There're also enemies to fight, and the Pokemon Go gyms are replaced with co-operative battles which have you and your allies slinging spells at multiple foes. Spells require recharging however, and this means that you'll need to check in at stops or mix ingredients from around the world together to brew potions.

There are said to be three classes to choose between, however there's no word currently as to whether these work like Pokemon Go's teams or Ingress' factions.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will release as free-to-play for both iOS and Android.

Updated: It's available now. Original Title: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite iOS and Android release date announced as 20th June

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