We have 5,000+ friend codes for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! Share yours here!

Get more Wizards Unite friends than you'll ever have in reality

We have 5,000+ friend codes for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! Share yours here!

We all need new friends in life, especially at those urgent times where a friendly face can actually make it way easier to play a game. These Wizards Unite friend codes will help you gather a lot of buddies to play with, as we already have over 5000 codes on the page!

In case you weren't aware, Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite is out, and it's an awful lot like Pokémon GO. As you would expect from another AR GPS game made by Niantic.

Now, it's undoubtedly most useful to have Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite friends that can go on walks with you in real life, as you will be able to deal more damage and earn bonus experience from tasks you can undertake together, which is always nice.

Though that doesn't mean Wizard's Unite friends are pointless, in fact, there's an early achievement for adding a friend.

You can add new companions through these Wizard's Unite friend codes

If you want to jump into Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite, but you haven't been able to convince any of your real-life pals to download it yet (which, let's be honest, is completely understandable), then you can add one of our many friendly faces down in the comments below.

artwork for WIzard's Unite Halloween

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and throw your friend code in the comments below. Bookmark this page, and whenever you need a few more friends for achievements or challenges, you can come back to us and add a few more people from the comments below.

Thus far, Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite will be a very familiar experience to anyone who has played Pokémon GO in the past, but this feels like a more substantial, fully-fledged experience than Pokémon GO did at launch. In fact, it took years for Pokémon GO to get this good.

It's certainly not a bad game, and if you're a Harry Potter fan, an avid walker, or someone who likes the Pokémon GO concept but found it wore thin, then this is the game for you.

My friend code was here but has since been removed since you all filled up my friends list. You're ravenous!

You can download Wizards Unite from Google Play Store and App Store!

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