Silver Award-winning iOS title Hank Hazard makes free landing on Android

And Hank's brought a brand-new game mechanic with him

Silver Award-winning iOS title Hank Hazard makes free landing on Android
| Hank Hazard

It takes a lot for a new physics-based puzzler to impress us - there are just so many of the blinking things. Hank Hazard achieved this back in February, which is why we're happy to see it popping up on Android.

As you'll know if you read our iOS review of Red Rocket's game, Hank Hamster is a cutesy physics-puzzler starring a daredevil hamster in a plastic ball. It's up to you to get him to each level exit by using the various gadgets dotted throughout.

These objects can take the form of springy punching gloves, ramps, disappearing platforms, and more. And, yes, you do get a bonus for finishing the level in style.

Voodoo, people

Not only is the Android version of Hank Hamster a free-to-play experience (thanks to ads), but it also contains an all-new Voodoo doll game mechanic that adds a completely new spin on things. You must use this doppelgänger to guide Hank around the levels, but anything that harms the doll will also harm Hank.

There's a single in-app purchase available in the game, but it's completely non-essential. It just removes the ads, makes video guides available, and introduces a slow motion power-up into the mix for those who are really struggling.

More than 100 levels of premium physics-puzzler action for free? You'd be mad as a stunt hamster not to head on over to the Google Play Store and download Hank Hamster right away.