Tree-punching sandbox platformer Growtopia taking root on Android and iOS next week

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Tree-punching sandbox platformer Growtopia taking root on Android and iOS next week
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If sandbox games have taught us anything, it's that objectives are for losers.

So it goes with Growtopia, a game which its developer, Robinson Technologies, describes as "an experimental multiplayer sandbox platformer with crafting".


Despite going to the trouble of merging a fair few genres and mechanics in its upcoming title, Growtopia's creators proudly label it a game with "no goals".

Instead of collecting X number of wolf pelts or repeatedly shooting zombies in the head while keeping time with Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy VII, players must use the framework Growtopia provides to make their own fun.

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Once you've booted up the game, it's a simple matter of choosing a populated world (or randomly generating your own) to explore.

Punching objects produces different seeds, which you can combine and plant to grow item trees. Ram your fist into these trees, and you can begin harvesting handy resources like doors, dirt, and lava. Jetpacks, too.

Furthermore, you can communicate with other players via a chat system, and work together in harmony to build exciting new structures.

Alternatively, you can just build a lava tree and throw magma at everyone's head. Oh, the agony of choice.

Sow it goes

If you want to get an early glimpse of Growtopia, you can join the Android beta by following the Google Play link below.

The finished product should spring forth on iOS and Android on January 11th. It will be free to download, incidentally.

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