How to build the best world possible in Growtopia - hints, tips, and tricks

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How to build the best world possible in Growtopia - hints, tips, and tricks
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Growtopia can be a dense and confusing little world-building, item-crafting, massively multiplayer online platforming game.

Heck, even its description is rather bewildering.

So, you'll be needing a top-notch guide to getting a great start in this Android and iOS release, won't you?

Luckily for you, eh, you're looking at exactly that.

Read on, then, and prepare yourself properly for the craftsmanship, passive-aggressive behaviour, and plain weirdness that lies ahead.

Misconceptions... and concepting levels

The first thing you need to know is that while it does share similarities with Minecraft, Growtopia is absolutely not Notch's masterpiece. So, don't expect to see all of the elements of Mojang's cult hit in this game.

You don't need to concern yourself with a day / night cycle, for example, let alone any enemies. You do have health, though, but you respawn almost instantly if you die. And so long as you're careful, you'll never kick the bucket.

When I started playing, I thought I might need to build a home or a safe shelter of some sort, but it was a massive waste of time. Just get those creative juices going and think about what you would like to build. You know, fun stuff.

There isn't the flexibility of Minecraft to make exactly what you want here in Growtopia - there aren't tons of moving parts and so on - but you can make some decent basic structures.

There are no laws of gravity to worry about in Growtopia, so if you place a block in mid-air, it will suspend itself there as if by magic. Likewise, nothing is going to come falling down around you should you whip out one too many blocks.

This limitation actually works out perfect for making some rock-hard platforming levels, which the Growtopia community currently seems fascinated with building.

If you want people visiting your world a lot, start thinking up a cool idea for a Super Meat Boy-esque hair-tearer... perhaps with a neat building at the end for anyone who can manage to finish it.

Realising the dream

You've got the perfect idea for a level now, but how do you go about building it?

Before you start building, go and get resources, as you'll need a fair amount (depending on what you want to build). There are two ways of doing this: one is civil, and one is far more in tune with the trolling 'spirit' of the game.

To begin creating your own world, start digging down, down, down. You'll eventually reach the floor of the world, likely with a fair amount of Lava Blocks in its vicinity. Be careful not to stand atop one of these orange squares, as you'll die and respawn back at the world's entrance point.

Instead, make sure you're stood beside them, and collect them as you would any other block, i.e. by punching them. It's a good idea to have some steps leading back to the surface - make a ledge after every three or four blocks you dig to accomplish this.

An alternative to using up your own resources is visiting other people's worlds and stripping them bare. As long as they haven't placed a lock on the world, you'll be able to take whatever you want from these areas. Just know, mind, that others can do exactly the same to you.

You can use plain old Dirt Blocks to fashion a rudimentary structure, but true pros are using more extravagant materials. You gain access to these by combining seeds to grow new material types, such as Glass for making Rock and Lava.

Carefully consider what you'll need to complete your awesome level. You can engineer a tricky platforming section by simply suspending a Dirt block over some Death Spikes - the latter is made by combining a Danger Sign with a Rock Background - for instance.

Experimentation is the key to finding all the combinations. But, if you fancy a few hints, there's a brilliant resource containing every recipe in the game. You can find it here.

Gem farming

There's another reason that you'll need plenty of resources.

It's so that you can trade them for Gems, the game's currency. With Gems, you can buy the goodies you can't get in other ways, such as World Locks and an upgrade to your inventory to hold more types of item.

If you're really keen on getting everything for free, you'll want to systematically remove every block in a world, and leave a patch of land to grow items that you can sell. Each item has a rarity rating: the higher the rating, the more that item is worth when you hit the 'Recycle' button and trade for Gems.

Spend some time growing some Tier 4 or 5 items, harvest them, and you'll have enough Gems in no time. Well, certainly enough to buy a World Lock. Once you have one of these, you'll be able to preserve your creation for all to see, without needing to worry about jerks coming in and ruining your hard work.

Got any tips to share? Let us and the rest of the PG community know by leaving them in the comments section below.
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