iPhone racer Ground Effect speeding toward the App Store

iPhone ekranoplan racer in submission

iPhone racer Ground Effect speeding toward the App Store
| Ground Effect

We've been following game development guru Glenn Corpes indie iPhone debut with great anticipation, as anyone who can list Populous and Dungeon Keeper on his CV is the kind of guy we like to buy drinks for.

Ground Effect is his first foray into iPhone development, based on the unusual hovercraft/aeroplane hybrids known as ground effect crafts, or ekranoplan vehicles. These machines coast on a pocket of air created between the craft and the surface - either ground or water - and haven't previously been seen much (or at all) in video games.

"This has been incredibly hard work but I'm very happy with the results. Although this started out as a solo venture, my objectives were pretty ambitious and I could not have realised them without help and support from my friends, my children and the gaming community," says Corpes.

"Ground Effect offers a really immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. I'm hoping that its overall quality and visual polish, combined with its file size will mean that Ground Effect will appeal to the core of discerning casual gamers who demand high standards, but also like to be spontaneous in their purchasing decisions."

The game has been in development since March, and now weighs in at an impressively small 10MB. It's just been sent in to Apple's submissions system, too, so all being well Ground Effect should be with us in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime you can check out our hands on preview with the racing game, and the full interview with Glenn Corpes over on our sister site

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