Racer Ground Effect zooms onto App Store

Riding on a cushion of air

Racer Ground Effect zooms onto App Store
| Ground Effect

We - by which I mean me - have been fairly excited by Glenn Corpes' iPhone racer Ground Effect.

The game, which has you flying an Ekranoplan, or a low flying seaplane that uses a compressed cushion of air, uses accelerometer controls and feels really smooth to play.

It's now out on the App Store.

There are 14 levels to race around. You have to unlock them in turn by coming third or better in races that consist of you and seven competing craft.

The courses are well designed, with a mixture of twisting turns, long straights to boost down and plenty of jumps. They are fairly linear, however, as you have to fly through indicated waypoints, whereupon new waypoints are illuminated.

And in a neat addition, you can also race against your fastest time in the Ghost mode, or take over and perfect your laps using the Replay mode.

Ground Effect is out now, priced $3.99, €2.99 or £2.39. Hit the Buy It! button to go direct to the App Store.
Jon Jordan
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