DS gets budget Wipeout clone, Zero-G

Want's the meaning in a title?

DS gets budget Wipeout clone, Zero-G
| Gravity Zero Racing

There's a skill when it comes to naming the sort of cheap and cheerful games that sit within what we might modestly call the 'value' part of the market. Midas' futuristic low gravity, high octane DS racer Zero-G (yours for a mere £14.99) is a prime example.

I call it the 'reverse-and-add-1' theory.

Take a well-known game within the same genre, say Nintendo's seminal F-Zero futuristic low gravity, high octane racing series.

1) Reverse the name: Zero-F

2) Add one: Zero-G

It's a solid method but it doesn't always work so well. Midway's conspiracy theory shooter Area 51 becomes 52 Area for example. Still, Seven Tom Clancy's Rainbow has a certain casual, if camp, ring to it.

But back to Zero-G...

It's a Wipeout-style experience across seven themed-levels, each of which consists of three tracks, and mixes racing with weapons, including rockets and mines.

Modes include Practice, Quick Race, Time Trial, Tournament and Multiplayer, which features local wireless as well as Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support for global racing.

Zero-G is released on April 18th.

[Update: Zero-G has since been renamed Gravity Zero Racing.]