Mediocre takes a bite out of platform racers with physics-heavy Granny Smith

That ain't no ordinary old lady

Mediocre takes a bite out of platform racers with physics-heavy Granny Smith
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Swedish developer Mediocre's debut game Sprinkle was a massive success, and a Pocket Gamer Silver Award winner.

Its follow up isn't what you'd expect however.

Still based around physics, it's more of a physics platform racer, somewhat reminiscent of Sonic, with a dash of Canabalt, and starring an old lady.

No crumble

In keeping with the game's title, Granny Smith is that character, and she's in a race with the apple thief to collect as many of the apples on each level as possible.

It's a good thing then that she's equipped with rollerstakes and a stick, which she uses to slide down ziplines and bash the apple thief.

In terms of controls, she moves foward automatically, with your only options being to jump if you hold down long enough - including 360 degree turns - and bash. Both are essential to making your way through the various obstacles in each level.

Operating as a ghost, the apple thief is an AI player, who moves automatically. If he gets ahead of you, he'll collect the apples, so you need to have your wits about you to keep in the no. 1 position.


As the levels get more complex, you'll be smashing your way through crates, window panes and entire houses with your stick to keep ahead of that pesky thief.

Of course, if you mis-time your swipes, you'll come crashing down, with the granny ragdoll having all sorts of messy collisions until the auto-accelerate gets her up to speed again.

In total, there will be around 80 levels, across four themed worlds (countryside, city etc), while the entire experience is framed with a cool jazzy soundtrack, and a sepia-toned smart zoom replay system.

As for the business model, Granny Smith will be a paid game with in-app purchases if you want to customise the granny character, or buy special abilities such as being able to throw balls or use rocket-powered skates.

We're expecting the game to released for iOS and Android sometime during August.

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