GTA: Chinatown Wars on iPhone may slip to 2010

Rockstar declines to reconfirm 2009 release

GTA: Chinatown Wars on iPhone may slip to 2010

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars may end up missing its previously pledged 2009 release on iPhone and iPod Touch, slipping to next year instead.

When asked specifically about the game's release, Rockstar declined confirmation of a 2009 launch.

"[We have] No news on Chinatown Wars at the moment," stated a Rockstar representative.

To be fair, Rockstar has not announced any change to the release of GTA: Chinatown Wars; however, the refusal to confirm a publicly set release before the end of 2009 hints that it may very well miss that mark.

No screenshots have yet been released of the game either, which also adds to the skepticism surrounding a December release.

Having to wait a little longer is fine, especially when you consider it's been available on DS since mid-March and recently pulled onto PSP. The former version impressed us enough to earn a coveted platinum award.

That sort of praise has us looking forward to the game's iPhone debut - whenever that proves to be.