GTA: Chinatown Wars heading to iPad this month

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GTA: Chinatown Wars heading to iPad this month

During Take Two Interactive's financial earnings call with investors yesterday, the publisher announced one tiny morsel of information to interest us pocket gamers.

Yeah, yeah, Max Payne 3 is delayed, and Red Dead Redemption sold a metric boatload. What's really important is that Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is getting an iPad specific version later this month.

That's about all Take Two had to say on the matter, really.

The original app will run on iPad, but if it's like any other 3D iPhone games they won't be the prettiest looking polygons to grace your tablet's screen.

Chinatown Wars was first released on DS last year to slightly sobering sales for a game carrying such a heavy cachet in its title. The game then jumped from system to system, racking up sales as it went from PSP to iPhone, and now iPad.

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