Cheats revealed for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on iPhone

Not that you’d want to do anything immoral in GTA

Cheats revealed for Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on iPhone

In classic gaming style, Rockstar has lavished its hit iPhone iteration of the handheld GTA game with cheat codes to let you scam and lie your way into the high scores.

When visiting a safe house you might notice the Mission Replay Board has a bunch of jumbled up letters you can rearrange. This is the method by which Chinatown Wars’s cheat codes are entered, and lend you a criminal advantage in the popular game.

The codes come direct from the Rockstar mob boss himself, with the promise of more to come. But don’t be too tempted to rush in there with guns blazing (or more accurately, only rush in there with guns you’re supposed to have blazing), because as you can see from our full review, GTA: Chinatown Wars is one of the hottest and most exciting big name games to ever hit the App Store.

Here’s a list of the cheat codes nonetheless, since if you’re into this game chances are you’re a brutal, cheating, criminal bastard anyway. I know I am.

  • LOADOA: Grenade, nightstick, pistol, minigun, assault, micro smg, stubby shotgun
  • LOADOB: Molotov, teaser, dual pistols, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel
  • LOADOC: Mine, chainsaw, revolver, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel
  • LOADOD: Flashbang, bat, pistol, rpg, carbine, micro smg, stubby shotgun
  • CASHIN: Grants $10,000 extra cash
  • LIFEUP: Refills your life to full
  • SHELLY: Refills your armour to full
  • COPIN: Raises your wanted level by 1 star
  • COPOUT: Lowers your wanted level by 1 star
Spanner Spencer
Spanner Spencer
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