Grand Theft Auto III to get a facelift for Nvidia Kal-El Android release

Grand theft ‘ooo’-to

Grand Theft Auto III to get a facelift for Nvidia Kal-El Android release

Rockstar has divulged a few more details about the upcoming mobile version of Grand Theft Auto III, confirming that it'll have a range of additional graphical tweaks for the upcoming quad-core Kal-El chip from Nvidia.

The extra power afforded by the CPU/GPU - not yet available to purchase from the shops - means that there will be greater detail in the textures (as with signs and vehicles) and will run the higher-resolution assets from the PC version, rather than the original PS2 release.

Another interesting feature is that the game will support USB controllers such as the Xbox 360’s pad, meaning you can hook up the (currently non-existent) Kal-El tablet to your TV and play the game as if it were on a home console. Again.

If you’re new around these parts, Grand Theft Auto III is widely regarded as one of the finest games from the PS2 era - laying down the foundations of what would become known as the open-world genre with its stunning (for the time) 3D graphics and sandbox-like world.

Its appearance on mobiles is to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary, which makes us all feel sickeningly old.

The current release date for the game is in "autumn" for mobiles, although we suspect that the Kal-El edition will follow once some devices actually exist (bit of a wild guess, I know, but roll with it).

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