Grand Theft Auto franchise coming to Xperia Play

It'd be a crime if it didn't

Grand Theft Auto franchise coming to Xperia Play

The Grand Theft Auto series will be coming to Xperia Play, if presentation slides of Sony Ericsson’s quarterly report are any indication.

The company’s Q3 business report includes a slide boasting some of the big names the phone has acquired so far, and in among them is the Grand Theft Auto logo (spotted by the eagle-eyed XperiaBlog).

Rockstar recently announced GTA III for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary. The publisher revealed at the time that the game would be coming to more devices, so it's very possible that Xperia Play is among them. Another possibility is that an older game from the series will be released as a PSOne classic.

Pocket Gamer has contacted Rockstar for more information.