Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast begins a new competition with $10,000 worth of prizes

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast begins a new competition with $10,000 worth of prizes

The increasingly popular puzzler/chef simulator Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is once again opening up another competition with some big prizes up for grabs. The primary prize in this competition is an entire real-life kitchen makeover worth $10,000.

To enter, which is free to do, players must defeat ten levels in the game and enter the competition before it closes on April 15th. The official opening date for this competition is March 18th. The kitchen makeover that is going to be the prize to shoot for is fully paid for by the game's developers, Outplay Entertainment, and will incentivise players to download and try out Chef Blast while also getting anyone interested in potentially getting their entire kitchen paid for. All in all a pretty good set-up, especially given the competition is entirely free to enter.

Other than the makeover, players will also be able to win a brand new in-game St. Patrick’s Day themed recipe. The Sticky Irish Whiskey Braised Short Ribs with Cabbage-Mustard Mash recipe is currently available to unlock through regular gameplay, and doesn’t even require you to hit that level ten mark! With something as tasty-sounding as that, this competition will give you both a large prize to shoot for and some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed action.

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is a match-3 type game with some unique elements, such as matching together specific ingredients to make certain parts of a dish before it becomes that dish. If you’re a fan of match-3 puzzlers or just matching games in general, or perhaps even have a passing interest in either Ramsay himself or cooking, there’s no better time to give Chef Blast a shot for free on Google Play and the App Store.

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