Exclusive: Goodfellas coming mob-handed to your phone

I-play's gangster-em-up mixes tycoon strategy with poker thrills

Exclusive: Goodfellas coming mob-handed to your phone
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If THQ Wireless' bosses find any horses heads cluttering their office in the near future, it'll probably be the work of I-play.

The publishers are going head-to-head with their forthcoming gangster games, with THQ's Sopranos Poker squaring off against I-play's Goodfellas.

And we've got first screens and details of the latter title, which hasn't been officially announced, although it did sneak into the publisher's product brochure at E3.

In Goodfellas on mobile, you start as a small-time mobster and have to build your empire over four decades to become a big boss.

It's a mixture of two types of gameplay – the Tycoon mode has you indulging in smuggling, protection and loan sharking, while the Poker mode lets you double your ill-gotten loot at the card table (or lose it all, obviously).

The game's due out later this year, so stand by for a more in-depth preview just as soon as we've sent the heavy boys round to interrogate I-play. Click 'Track It!' for an alert when we do, you mooks.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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