Gomi rolls out onto the iPhone, resembles Rolando and Katamari

Un-pave paradise, take down the parking lots

Gomi rolls out onto the iPhone, resembles Rolando and Katamari
| Gomi

Civilisation is running rampant, out of control, and only you can do something to stop it. A new iPhone game called Gomi has just rolled out onto the App Store, and it aims to curb the expansion of mankind and restore the planets ecosystem by gathering up technology, Rolando meets Katamari-style.

You take control of the eponymous Gomies, which are kind of like happy-faced, spherical, environmentally conscious free-roaming antibodies (that look a bit similar to Bert from The Trapdoor), charged with gathering up the civilised world by rolling over it and giving the ecosystem back to Mother Nature.

Gomi boasts over 140 different stages across eight unique worlds, with a further eight mini-games included in case you fancy a quick change. The developer promises more than 12 hours of gameplay (not including any time you spend on the mini-games), bolstered by boss battles at the end of each world, achievements, global high scores, customisable Gomies (including ninja, star, sun, butterfly and poo) and an awesome soundtrack available separately through iTunes.

Gomi has just gone live on the App Store, so check out the gameplay video below and then hit the 'Buy It!' button to go and take a closer look.

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