GodFinger coming to iPhone very soon

Latest video shows your evil finger at work

GodFinger coming to iPhone very soon
| GodFinger

With ngmoco's GodFinger about to hit an iPhone near you any day now, a new video has been released showing off some of the new content.

The free god sim has only been available for iPad up to now - however, ngmoco recently submitted an update to Apple which opens up the GodfFnger world to all iPhone users, too.

The below video shows the smaller resolution version in action, along with some of the new powers and abilities your godly finger will have at its command.

Here at Pocket Gamer, we felt that the gameplay was a little too shallow, but there's no denying how adorable it all is - especially for the zero price tag.

GodFinger will be available very soon from the App Store for free, with in-game purchases available to help speed up the process of world-building.

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