Ngmoco unveils Populous meets Pocket God iPhone title GodFinger

Being developed by Molyneux's ex-minions too

Ngmoco unveils Populous meets Pocket God iPhone title GodFinger
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The name of the future ngmoco game GodFinger leaked out a while back when it was listed in a version of the company's Plus+ social networking tech, but it's only now that the first official details are known.

As the title suggests, it's a game in the god genre that was effectively created by Bullfrog and Lionhead creative Peter Molyneux, so it makes sense that the dev team is a start up formed from ex-Lionhead folks who worked on Black & White 2, and Fables 1 and 2.

(Which in my estimation makes it the fourth iPhone start up to come out of the Guildford scene following Glenn Corpes, Tak Fung and Dene Carter's one-man band Fluttermind.)

Anyhow, in the game of GodFinger, you'll be in charge of your own planet, and must flex your fingers to make a name for yourself amongst the pantheon of gods.

Like Bullfrog's seminal Populous, you'll need followers and their worship will help you grow stronger, perform wonders and learn new abilities. You'll create buildings to keep your followers busy and they'll give you gold in return.

More excitingly, you'll get to zap, flood and terraform... oh and exterminating skeletons too. And in a nod to Pocket God (perhaps) you'll even be allowed to torment your planet's denizens for fun.

Ngmoco reckons GodFinger should be out on the App Store soon.

Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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