Massive GodFinger 1.2 update submitted to App Store. Global release soon

More free socialising forthcoming

Massive GodFinger 1.2 update submitted to App Store. Global release soon
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When we reviewed ngmoco's social game GodFinger we criticised it for being charming but shallow. It seems ngmoco is determined to develop the freemium title into something more substantial with the just-submitted 1.2 update for iPhone.

1.2 brings “new ways to customize your planet, new goals, Super Followers and- ” this one might be an exaggeration “ -an infinitely larger Galaxy Map.”

Moreover, the Awe Store is larger, and you can unlock Pirate and Medieval themed buildings. These pair up with new Super Followers – Pirates and Tavern Wenches – whose time of arrival you can dictate.

For aspiring town planners there's a new Movement Wonder, which allows you to transport existing buildings to your home planet. Sociable sorts will be able to visit friends' planets and then zoom in the galaxies of friends of friends, dropping into to their planets for an invigorating Enchantment.

Finally, with the 1.2 update installed you won't have to worry about your farm running out of power. On the condition that your followers are rested, buildings will generate one gold stack per charge.

Of course, at the moment, all this is limited to the Canadian App Store for iPhone owners. The global iPad update will be submitted in a few days, while the game expected - finally -to be released globally for iPhone in the coming days too.

Rob Hearn
Rob Hearn
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