GodFinger: a fallen idol in the worship of Pocket God?

The game that flattery begat

GodFinger: a fallen idol in the worship of Pocket God?
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When I first started writing about the forthcoming ngmoco-published and Wonderland-developed GodFinger I kinda joked to myself that it was Populous meets Pocket God.

Looking at the first video footage of the game, it appears that I am indeed a prophet.

The game is played around a circular 2D world in which various characters wander around doing their thing, and you as the god of the world interact with them for good or ill.

For example, in the video, ngmoco producer Stephanie Morgan almost drowns one chap by filling up his valley with water by playing around with rain clouds. She's kinder to another character, planting flowers around his location, again by interacting with clouds.

So far, so anthropomorphically Pocket God.

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What the video doesn't go into however is the game features, which have you collecting worshippers a la Populous, as well as game resources such as mana and gold - which appear to be time-based elements - in order to unlock powers and other game elements.

And thinking more generally about the two million-selling Pocket God, it's a wonder no one else has tried to build on the success of the game. Of course, whether ngmoco and Wonderland have plans to update the game on a two-weekly cycle as Bolt Creative did with Pocket God is another question entirely, let alone matching its 99c price.

Still it will be fascinating to see how it all pans out over the coming weeks.

GodFinger is due for release any day now, apparently.
Jon Jordan
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