First screens of Fable-spin off developer's iPhone GodFinger released

Pocket God meets Populous?

First screens of Fable-spin off developer's iPhone GodFinger released
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Not to suggest that there's something egotistic in the water down in Guildford, but new start up studio Wonderland is kicking off where Peter Molyneux, founder of its previously employer Lionhead Studios, left off with games such as Populous and Black & White.

To be published by ngmoco, GodFinger places you in charge of your own planet, where you get to flex your fingers to make a name for yourself amongst the pantheon of gods.

You'll need to gain followers and their worship to help you grow stronger, perform wonders and learn new abilities. You'll create buildings to keep your followers busy and they'll give you gold in return.

More excitingly, you'll get to zap, flood and terraform... oh and exterminate skeletons. And in a nod to Pocket God (perhaps) you'll even be allowed to torment your planet's denizens for fun.

Indeed, as you can see from the first screenshots, the game looks fairly time management heavy with resources such as Mana and Followers being supplied to you on a timer basis. The level meter looks fairly hardcore too.

As for the Store; that good for in-app purchases. Maybe GodFinger will be another of ngmoco's freemium titles?

Still, we've yet to see much of this sort of game on the iPhone - and I reckon it would look great on the iPad - so before more analysis we'll wait for some time hands on with the game.

Jon Jordan
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