Go To Bed is an iOS game about hiding under the duvet from evil monsters

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Go To Bed is an iOS game about hiding under the duvet from evil monsters
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Go To Bed.

Oh, sorry - no I'm not a strict parent, that's the name of new indie game studio Touchfight Games's "creepy bedroom defense" game for iOS.

It's a game that shares in an experience most of us had before. I'm talking about when you hid under the duvet from that monster you swear you saw out the corner of your eye.

Except in Go To Bed the evil monsters are very real and they want to, um, touch you. Yeah, I guess that is pretty creepy.

You have to fight back the shadowy hands and gruesome feelers by tapping and swiping them away. The longer you survive the more intense it becomes.

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"It starts off simple enough," Touchfight says in its announcement, "but Jon and I are layering on new foes, mechanics, and power-ups that ramps up in intensity the longer you play."

Go To Bed also has an endearing hand-drawn art style so that the creepsters don't scare you too much. Touchfight calls it a "children’s storybook vibe with a darker, more warped gameplay spin."

Touchfight hopes to have Go To Bed out on iOS on Halloween. But if it misses that date, you'll be able to play the game soon after.

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