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Show your strength in Genera Games' upcoming RPG title Gladiator Heroes

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Show your strength in Genera Games' upcoming RPG title Gladiator Heroes
| Gladiator Heroes

Gladiator Heroes is an action packed game that marries RPG and construction simulation together effortlessly.

You’re an ambitious emperor, living in ancient Rome, with big dreams of conquering new worlds. In order to do this, you need to manage two things: your gladiators and your own territory.

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You’ll have complete freedom to explore the games diverse map, and extensive list of buildings. Construct, defend and grow your city gradually as you prepare to conquer greater, worlds.

Design doesn’t end at construction, use your creatively to customise your gladiator’s outfits, names and train them personally.

You progress in a range of different ways, a wealthy empire will grant you access to the best and deadliest killers, and every fight won offers you a choice of new skills, weaponry and gold.

The game offers various ways to progress, you can choice to focus on construction, level up organically or pay to reach the next exciting stage.

Once your most ferocious gladiators are trained, named and kitted out with the deadliest weaponry you are able to place them strategically in various arenas. Strategy increases your chances of destroying the enemy and growing your victorious empire.

In total there are 25 buildings, over 200 campaign levels, the option to play multiplayer alongside a vast range of content to explore that will keep you playing for many hours.