Gigantic X cheats, tips - Everything you need to know about crafting

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Gigantic X cheats, tips - Everything you need to know about crafting

Craft the best gear possible with this guide

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If you want to take down big aliens, you need big guns. That mathematical formula was not created by me, but by someone far smarter. Probably Ridley Scott or someone like that, I don't know. The point is, I know that you love your gun, and a bigger version of the same gun would probably do you some good.

Thus, the crafting station. The solitary, yet important, section of every alien hunter's ship, the place you put together all of your materials and create weapons of mass alien destruction. And in Gigantic X, that is more important than ever.

You will quickly find yourself going up against towering, huge alien beasts, and you'll need big guns, heavy duty armour, and much more. Luckily, the crafting station can provide much of it.

Just follow our tips right here, and you'll soon perfectly understand how important and useful that crafting station will be to your future. Just choose wisely…

Crafty business

Right, so each mercenary will have two weapons, a helmet, powersuit, innersuit, defender, greaves, and backpack to craft and equip, and each of them will impact how powerful and capable your mercenaries will be in battle.

In the early game, you will want to choose one mercenary to main for a while, and outfit them with the very best gear possible. Over time, you will need to branch out and include the other two mercenaries too.

For now, check your main mercenary, and double check what their least capable pieces of gear are, and select the piece you want to craft.

But crafting is expensive. You will need plenty of ore to use as materials, and then you'll need Gunzo BP points to use as currency for crafting. And you'll need plenty of it, which will slow down how often you can craft things, especially in the early game. Just take your time, and focus on one piece at a time.

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Best to craft

We've already said it's best to focus on a single piece of gear at a time, which seems obvious, but it's equally important to ensure you're not going to make things awkward for yourself.

As mentioned, Gunzo BP is rare, and the ore you need is rare too, so perhaps it's best to save these for as long as possible, or until you've got some really interesting crafting blueprints first.

In the early game, you'll get new gear often from packs and missions, so you don't need to worry about crafting too much. Later on though, it's incredibly important.

Ore you kidding

Ore is the hardest part of crafting. You will need so much of it, and it's not that easy to get either.

Ore doesn't come easily, and depending on what you're crafting, you'll need a lot of it. First off is Gigant Ore, which you can get in packs from the Catalog, but not much. It's better earned from missions.

Same goes for Albion Ore. Equally difficult to acquire, but equally important. Pinpoint what kind of ore your crafting needs before you go out seeking any of this ore so you don't waste your time.

Shop and Frontline

So you need plenty of ore, right? I would say it's not a problem, but as mentioned, it's pretty tough to get your hands on…

The best place to get ore for free is by undertaking the Frontline multiplayer missions. You will be relying on other players somewhat, but that shouldn't get in the way of your progress too much.

You can earn ore here from rewards and achievements, but if you can't get enough, you can use some of the in-game currency you earn from the Frontline missions to buy ore at the Catalog. Remember to not use premium currency for this, though.

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