Ghosts of Memories looks to rival the beautiful puzzles of Monument Valley on October 16th

More than imitation?

Ghosts of Memories looks to rival the beautiful puzzles of Monument Valley on October 16th

It's surprising that there haven't been more games riding on the coattails of Monument Valley.

Upcoming adventure-puzzler Ghosts of Memories appears to be. But that's no reason to dismiss it.

You can see the similarities immediately upon catching sight of a screenshot of Ghosts of Memories. Its isometric view turns a complicated architecture of criss-crossing pillars into tricks on our perception.

But it also has a similar serene beauty. There are lazy lakeside trees, illuminated glyphs, and ancient temples with a compelling mystique.

The story is where Ghosts of Memories most notably departs from its inspiration.

Ghosts of Memories

You'll play as a lone wanderer who uses the power of an ancient scepter to manipulate their surroundings. They're also able to traverse dimensions.

"Most of the levels consist of two intertwined worlds, where
actions in one world affect the other and certain spots on the map allow you to travel between the two worlds," reads the game's description.

You are on this journey to free a voice that is bound to the scepter but that belongs to a being in a distant land. The voice teaches you how to use the scepter in order to achieve this.

Intriguing, yes? Hopefully Ghosts of Memories can live up to even some of what Monument Valley delivered last year.

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The good news is that it has 15 levels across four different worlds. It's a short number - far from the hundreds that casual puzzlers offer - that should hopefully mean each level has been designed with plenty of thought.

We'll find out for ourselves when Ghosts of Memories arrives on iOS and Android on October 16th. You can currently sign-up for the beta on its website.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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