Ghostbusters on DS will play differently to other console versions

But don't be afraid - it still has ghosts

Ghostbusters on DS will play differently to other console versions
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It's been confirmed a Ghostbusters game is coming to DS, and the latest NGamer magazine has delivered some first details on how it's all going to work.

On Nintendo's handheld the game is set to be quite different to the home console and PC versions. While they're getting a 3D action slime-fest, on DS things will be more management based, calling on players to set up and run their own Ghostbusters franchise.

So the basic gameplay encompasses going out to rid buildings of spooks to earn money, which can then presumably be used to beef up your ghost-busting gear and maybe even buy a better car than the Ecto-1 (if that's possible).

As is the standard for this type of game, the action is viewed in a top-down perspective although we're hoping there will be the odd change of scene. The Wii version, for instance, is known to feature several mini-games based around the shuffleboard, Ghost Trap and Proton Packs so we're there might be scope for including some similar experiences here, too.

Like Ghostbusters on the other formats, the scenario takes place in 1991, two years after the events of the Ghostbusters II film.

No screenshots were shown of the DS game, but on Wii it'll utilise a more cartoon-style approach, so that could well be the look developer Red Fly Studios goes for on DS as well.

Ghostbusters isn't due for release until autumn 2008 but we'll hopefully have more news on it for you soon.