PSP gets Ghostbusters ported directly from PS2

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PSP gets Ghostbusters ported directly from PS2
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The PSP has been noticeably absent from the list of platforms queuing up for the new Ghostbusters game, but Joystiq has now picked up on a listing on the ESRB website for a PSP version, while box art is now available on the Atari press site.

The PSP Ghostbusters is believed to be a direct port of the PS2 version, which makes good sense since it’s essentially a handheld version of the sixth gen Sony console anyway.

Considering Activision determined the Ghostbusters property to be a non-starter and dropped it like a hot PKE meter, it looks like this franchise reboot is set to launch the paranormal and supernatural investigation and elimination services all over again after a 25 year long wait.

Also, there’s a new film in the works. Bustin’ makes us feel good!

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