First GRAW 2 PSP screens report in for duty

Who said war is ugly?

First GRAW 2 PSP screens report in for duty

The first ever Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter 2 images have surfaced on the Spanish gaming website Ultimagame, but seeing as we're not well-versed in the Latin tongue (PSP editor Joao Sanches is away!) we can't tell you much about what's happening, apart from that they are very pretty indeed.

Employing a similar all over bloom effect to the Xbox 360 version, the screenshots are completely devoid of jaggies but still fairly detailed and make use of a wide colour spectrum, as opposed to the grey palettes common in war games.

Still, despite the fact that we're looking forward to dispatching hordes of enemy soldiers in what looks like a potentially tight tactical third-person shooter, we can't help but fear that the draw distance and frame rate might be the real casualties of this war, judging by these lavish visuals.

Nevertheless, we'll of course reserve judgment for our forthcoming review. Click 'Track It!' to ensure you catch it.